Saturday, 31 August 2013

week 13 - Complex Conditionals UI

This is the 13th week. This week I continued working on the Complex Conditional UI.

I have developed two UIs for adding Complex Conditionals:

  • via Script Tree: It is now possible to build a new conditional with empty expression. The expression will be then built step by step by adding AND/OR nodes: Here some screenshots:

and this is the result:
As you can see, the "IF" node contains no child (no expression).
User can then add other nodes, such as Simple Conditional, AND or OR nodes:
This is an example:
  • via a complex Conditional Dialog:
This is the screenshot:
What is still missing?
I have to add some lines to manage elimination of complex conditional nodes; 
Some lines to perform a check about where is it possible to insert which type of conditional node;
A method to add the complete subtree given by a complete structured expression (built with the complex conditional dialog) .

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