Wednesday, 25 September 2013

GSoC End - Current Status

Hi all.

The GSoC 2013 is now ended, and this post will describe shortly the current status of the project.

Of course, this sort of projects has always a load of things which can be done, and I'll continue to work on it, after this great summer of code. I'm pretty happy about how things went... I worked a lot, of course, but I enjoyed this experience a lot!

 After this brief introduction, I can declare the status of my project as checked in.
Many things can still be made, and some minor tweaks which can improve user experience.

You can find:

Minor Tweaks:

  • Adding ExpressionLength Dialog;
  • Adding a hover over to the IF node showing the full expression tree;
  • Same as before for AND/OR nodes;
  • Change some menu names.

Some Screenshots of the Project:

Conditional UI

Structured Expression UI

SurroundWith menu for Expressions

A complex Script using Loops and Structured Expression (with debug output).
for more screenshots, contact me, or simply check it out and try it ;)

Things Made:

  • Created Structured Expressions inside Zest;
  • Added support for Structured Expression in ZestConditional & ZestAssertion
  • Added Loop to Zest as a new Statement;
  • Added support for the runner which manages loops of different types;
  • Added UI in ZAP for the changes above;
  • Tests;
  • Docs.
For more information, please do not hesitate to write a comment or to email in the dev-groups or to me directly.

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