Thursday, 6 June 2013

First Week

This is my first week of GSoC, and we are still in the Community Bonding period.

In this week I started looking deep inside the code and, after a chat with the mentor, we figured out the first development phase.

Replacing ZAP filters with ZEST

Filters in ZAP are not very used because of their lack of flexibility. The idea is to replace them completely with zest.
The designing phase has started.

Goals achieved

About the Community Bonding Period:
  • I started reading documentation;
  • Chatted in the IRC channel;
  • Chatted with the mentor for more details and tips for a boost in first stage;
Outside the Community Bonding Period:
  • First usecase for zest found: filters;
  • Postponed the complex conditionals development inside zest;
  • Better knowledge of ZAP and Zest code.

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