Thursday, 27 June 2013

Week 4 - Filters and ProxyScript

This week I tried to manage exams and coding as well as I could... and I think I had nice results :D

The goals of the week are the following:

  1. Deeper understanding of the code;
  2. First snippets of coding which can be used:
    1. Filters & Containers;
    2. UI.
Going deeper into the details:
I understood and learned (more and less) how ZAProxy is built (restrictly to those classes I worked with). Above all I understood how modular is the architecture of the program, and I improved knowledge on those modules I needed.

Then I continued playing with the code, trying to make something useful for the project: I started both from Zest and ZAP side:

Zest side:

I improved the design and I created the main interfaces and abstract classes (and some implementations)  for the replacing of the current ZAP Filters.
A more detailed description can be found here

ZAP side:

I worked on the UI. First I mistook to understand the requirements creating this:
(at least I learned how to create voices on the right click menu using ZAP classes :D ).And I started creating a Dialog to manage the filters.

Then I replaced with the correct UI:

(new icons 

Unfortunally the exam period won't finish until 20th of July, then I do hope to increase 
substantially my speed on coding!!

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