Friday, 12 July 2013

Week 6 - Editing Zest Complex Conditional

This is the sixth week: the exam session is about to finish.
This week I worked on the code I wrote last week following some comments and suggesions from the mentor.
Most important point were:
  • Creation of a new class: ZestStructuredExpression;
  • Modified inheritance of classes
the previous two points were to avoid code duplication for the ZestExpression[And,Or]. The current structure is the following:

  • Developed the code of the method deepCopy for all the new classes.
Last week I didn't wrote this method.
  • Made some structural changes (e.g. deleted the reference to the parent of a conditional, the name, ...).
Next week is reserved for tests and, maybe, I'll try to integrate it at the ZAP side.

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