Thursday, 18 July 2013

Week 7 - ZestComplexConditional & ZestLoop

7th week is over. First official commit done!
Here the code :)

ZestStructuredConditional manages Structured conditionals.

How does it work?

The main idea was to create a load of expression types (based on REGEX, status code, URL, ...). Each ZestElement which needs to evaluate a list of expression build a StructuredExpression (which is an AND/OR of a list of other expressions). The mechanism is very simple: once the StructuredExpression had been built, the evaluation calls the method evaluate for each sub-expression. In this way an Expression Tree is built, and the evaluation mechanism works recalling the evaluation for each leaf; each internal node, which is an AND/OR expression, collect all the results of the children and compute an AND/OR evaluation of the boolean received by the children; the root will then return the value of the whole expression.

All tests of this work can be found in the official repo.


Next task is a bit more tricky. Now Zest does not allow to use loop... I started developing this feature creating a new class: ZestLoop. This class should represent a particular statement which is a container of other statements.
I created a first draft of design and I started implementing how it should work. All the code I'm writing can be found in my repo

By the way, the current implementation is not really good. The biggest problem I found is that this does not separate the runner from the code: the current realization must have a reference to the whole Script and to the Runner. Loops are still under design phase, so I plan to solve this issue next week and, maybe, to make another pull request. :)

Here a snapshot of the UML of the current implementation:

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  1. Here you can find the update of the UML of the latest realization of ZestLoop: