Friday, 5 July 2013

Week 5 - ZAProxy & Zest Complex Conditional

During 5th week I found a bug I what I developed last week. I started trying to solve the issue, but after some time spent on that problem, the mentor and I decided to start developing on Zest side: Complex Conditional.


The structure I came up now is this:

  • ZestConditional
  • ZestBooleanAnd
    • ZestBooleanOr
      • ZestExpressionRegex (regex exp1)
      • ZestExpressionRegex (regex exp2)
    • ZestBooleanStatusCode (200)
  • List <ZestStatement> ifStatements etc...
    Going more inside, I designed the following internal structure for each class/interface:
  • abstract class ZestExpression extends ZestElement implements ZestConditionalElement:
    • List<ZestConditionalElement> children;
    • boolean not;
    • ZestConditionalElement parent;
    • String name;
    • static int counter; // for the default name
    • abstract boolean evaluate;
  • class ZestConditional extends ZestStatement implements ZestContainer, ZestConditionalElement:
    • List<ZestConditionalElement> children;
    • List<ZestStatement> ifStatement;
    • List<ZestStatement> elseStatement;
  • class ZestBoolean[And,Or] extends ZestExpression implements ZestConditionalElement:
    • ZestConditionalElement parent;
    • List<ZestConditionalElement> children;
    • boolean evaluate();
  • interface ZestConditionalElement extends ZestContainer
    • getIndex(); //return the index of the statement;
    • getChildren();// returns the children;
    • isLeaf();//true if it has no children;
    • isRoot();// if it is the root of the Conditional Tree
    • evaluate();// evaluate the whole condition.

The structure above had been implemented and the javadoc is done, and this a basic UML:

And here you can find my fork of the Zest repo (with the structure developed):

Some tests has started (very basic and not checked in).

Note the assumption: 
2 Expression of the same class can have the same name!

Any comment, tip or advice on the Structure of the Complex Conditional is greatfully welcome :)

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